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Packaging and Trim production :

Sun Field has been a leading packaging and trim manufacturer since 1991. We seek to understand the nature and continuous change of different businesses. Our team is able to work with brand owners and their product supplier, regarding both branding and supply chain fulfillment.

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Sourcing + Assembling : 

Buildup (Sun Field) - division that focuses on product and accessories sourcing. With our own factory producing the label and packaging, we are able to assemble and pack the product quickly with low extra cost, which makes it sales-ready once delivered to you.

Branding and packaging design:

In the dynamic world of retail, it is essential to spread the message behind your brand and make your product stand out.

Choosing the most suitable packaging with captivating designs is one key factor.

Our in-house design team can help to fulfill the functionality and graphic design of the labels and packaging you need, so you can focus on enhancing your product.

Reusable packaging

We hope to contribute to sustainability with our clients. We are working on more design projects of reusable packaging, with an aim to make the most out of the material before it goes to waste.

We welcome you to discuss and provide info of your product to us, we could customize a design that fits and add value to your product.

Industries that we serve :
  • FMCG

  • Garment

  • Cosmetics

  • ​Electronics

  • Toys

  • Gifts & premiums

  • Advertising

  • Home products

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